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Make Your Home Safer With House Pressure Washing

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If you are searching for ways to have a more sanitary home, and reduce the spread of germs, but not sure where to start, then you are in luck! While it has always been important for people and businesses to find ways to improve overall sanitation, flu season and COVID have shown us just how important it really can be. Power and pressure washing services remove more than just dirt and grime build up on your property. They can eliminate algae, mold, mildew, allergens, and other tiny contaminants that can make you and your family sick. Follow along for a quick breakdown on how house pressure washing can significantly reduce virus containing germs, and vastly improve your home’s overall sanitation, for this 2022 flu season!

Keep Allergens at Bay With House Pressure Washing

Seasonal allergies affect more than 50 million Americans yearly. Routine house power washing can remove the allergens that cause your family to sneeze and feel miserable throughout the year. Maintaining a properly cleaned exterior can minimize how much of the irritants get inside your home, which can help you maintain a healthier, cleaner home environment. When you start to think about ways to help improve allergies for those in your home, going out and buying a pressure washer, or hiring a professional house pressure washing company in Topeka, Kansas, is likely not the first thing that comes to mind, not to anyone’s surprise.

That being said, having your house pressure washed regularly is a great way to prevent and reduce allergens, among other issues. How, exactly? Give thought to the fact that mold and pollen are two of the most common allergens in the world. The siding and roof of your home are likely covered in tons of invisible pollen! Servicing your exterior property regularly with a house power wash is a notable way to prevent that pollen from weaseling its way in through the vents, and causing respiratory issues.

House Power Washing Will Get Rid of Algae, Lichens, and Other Contamination

Your roof is not only your property’s primary defense against the elements, but your families as well. If left unmanaged, algae and lichen spores will appear, and eventually degrade your roof shingles, seeping into your home, especially in our unpredictable seasonal climate. Unless you make it a habit to get on your roof and check it every once in a while, you might have no idea that there are likely algae, moss, lichens, and other harmful potential irritants up there. You might think they do not matter if you cannot see them, but they can actually damage your roof’s shingles because these organisms use certain types of shingles as their sources of food! Once they begin, you will have a hard time getting them to stop. Roof and house pressure washing removes gloeocapsa magma, mold and other contaminants that cause deterioration, allowing much worse to happen to your health and home over time. The good news is that a house washing paired with the right setting and chemicals can get rid of them quickly. You can then use a regimen to prevent them from ever growing back!

A Clean Property is a Safe One

Believe it or not, a thorough exterior property and house pressure washing will improve the overall safety of your home, by removing slippery coatings from surfaces. Algae, moss, grime, oil and SO many other coatings on decks, patios, driveways and sidewalks can make those surfaces slippery. Areas with heavy foot traffic are the perfect spot for unfortunate accidents waiting to happen. Keeping them properly cleaned removes those slick layers and allows you to walk safely.

The surface of your concrete driveway should be a little rough, as a rough surface maintains proper friction. Build up of mold, mildew, and oily residue reduce that friction and make your walkway and driveway more slippery. Driveway and house pressure washing companies will remove these deposits and help to restore the surface of your concrete driveway to its original consistency, ensuring a safer property. So, why not safeguard the health and safety of your family with professional home pressure washing!

House Power Washing is a “Hand’s Free Approach” to Cleaning

Are there other ways to clean your house and property, including potentially dangerous areas? Yes, but most, if not all, of them require you to touch them and use your hands to get rid of the allergens and grime. Do you really want to lug a ladder out, scramble the cleaning supplies together, climb up on your roof and scrub it with a sponge? Do you want to get up close and personal to the allergens on the exterior of your siding to get rid of them? House power washing lets you get the job done safely, accurately, and from far away. You usually stand upright when using a pressure washer, instead of bending over, or getting on your hands and knees if you scrub things by hand. Not only does this save your body some stress, but professionals also know the procedures to ensure technician safety as well. Plus, touching the grime and dirt has serious potential to spread germs rapidly from cross contamination, and improper clean up methods. Because yes, even exterior cleaning requires its own clean up!

The pressure washing market is a $1.8 billion industry for a good reason. This simple tool does more than getting rid of a little dirt from your siding, or oil from your driveway. House power washing is a simple exterior maintenance task that can make a big difference in your health and safety. Whether you do the power washing yourself or hire a professional house pressure washing company in Topeka, Kansas, you get an instant improvement in your overall well being!

Primes Surfaces for Renovation

Considering sprucing up your building with a new coat of paint, or a more drastic change like new siding or even an addition? Before you start renovations on the exterior of your home or business, it’s a good idea to get it washed first. As you know, you can’t just slap paint down on a dirty surface. Besides basic cleaning, pressurized washing is also capable of removing loose or peeling paint as well, leaving you with a smooth, primed surface to work on.

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